Production and delivery of wood Briquettes and other processed waste

In the recent months, SAO Hill Industries Ltd has signed contracts to process its waste wood for supply of sustainable carbon and wooden briquettes with Tanzanian companies Tractors Ltd and Lion Energy Co Ltd. SAO Hill Industries has installed a processing plant for production of wood briquettes from wood waste. The investment cost was USD 1.4 million and the production capacity is 3 tons of wood waste per hour. The contracts signed are intended to utilize the full capacity of the plant.

The wood waste comes from saw milling and other processing of trees from forest plantations, either government plantations or from Green Resources' own certified plantations. The processed wood waste will be used for industrial heating and residential cooking.

Using wood waste from plantations has major environmental benefits compared with the use of charcoal produced from natural forest and other thermal fuels. Using waste from forest plantations is sustainable as greenhouse gases are absorbed in the forest plantations in the same amount as they are emitted.

Green Resources, the parent company, and SAO Hill Industries are committed to providing benefits to the countries and communities in which they operate. In the last financial year, Green Resources and SAO Hill Industries paid over 6.3bn TSh in taxes and other payments to the government in Tanzania.

Green Resources employs nearly 1,500 individuals across Eastern Africa, of which the majority are employed in Tanzania where the company's head office is located. Green Resources is dedicated to community development, and along with community tree planting programs, it has conducted projects focusing on health, education, and improved infrastructure within Tanzanian communities. In addition, Green Resources seeks to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. The company believes that the wood waste processing project will help to protect Tanzania's native forests and reduce deforestation by providing a sustainable alternative to regular charcoal production.